Our pricing is the fairest in the industry. All fees are paid after you have received the service!

Our program is intended to be a 90-120 program. We charge our clients account once per month to pay for the invoice from the previous month.

Initial Audit Fee


After reviewing and discussing your options with you we will put our finding is writing. We will deliver a clear, concise and completely customized road map for repairing your credit. This fee is taken after the audit packet is delivered to you and before we begin the process of working on your credit.

Personal Information


Inaccurate or Mispelled Names
Incorrect Address up to 5 addresses* (Additional address $5 each per bureau)
Incorrect Date of Birth
Incorrect Social Security Number
Outdated Telephone Numbers
Previous Employment Records
Removal of ex-Spouse

Late Payments

 $10.00 per deletion per bureau

We do not dispute late payments that occurred in the 24 months unless client can show documentation of a late payment error.

Collection Accounts / Charge-Offs

$50.00 per deletion per bureau

Examples of collection accounts are:

Midland Funding LLC
LVNV Funding LLC
Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC
Cavalry Portfolio Associates LLC
TSI Financial
CMRE Financial

Apartment Collections / Eviction Judgments

 $100.00 per deletion per bureau

Examples of apartment collections:

National Credit Systems
Hunter Warfield
NCC Business
Southern Recovery
Phoenix Recovery
IQ Data International


 $150.00 per deletion per credit bureau


$200.00 per deletion per credit bureau


$250.00 per deletion per credit bureau