Delete Then Pay

Credit Repair

Xpert Credit Repair is a Delete Then Pay™  also commonly called Pay for Deletion concept in the credit restoration business. Our goal is to take you from bad credit to great credit even if we are not conducting the whole process ourselves. When you hire our company to help restore your credit, you are entering into a partnership with yourself,, and if necessary one of our Consumer Credit Attorneys we work with. We are convinced that we are the right partner solution for your credit repair needs.

Credit Report Review and Audit

The first step is to review and audit your credit report to understand you and your unique situation. Using a provided credit report we will ask questions then make recommendations to improve your credit. Once you have accepted our proposal, we can begin working on your behalf.

Credit Repair

Once hired, we begin the process of challenging the credit bureaus, creditors, and debt collectors. Our experience allows us to target incorrect, out dated, and unverifiable information quickly. We will work for you for 90 days. We only charge you when we get an item removed or corrected.

Consumer Credit Attorney

There may be items that are verified from the creditors and credit bureaus that may still need to be addressed before you can achieve your goals. We can recommend a Consumer Credit Attorney that we work with to help you settle (possibly for a deletion) with those reporting on your credit report. We may uncover FDCPA / FCRA violation during our process that you may be able to receive money for damages from and use as leverage against the creditors. Finally, sometimes debt buyers and creditors sue to recover debt. Our consumer credit attorneys can defend your rights.