Our cost for credit repair is the fairest in the industry.

All fees are invoiced after the deletion!

We invoice you for all the success during the previous time period. If we happen to be too successful in getting items remove from your credit report  in any time period we allow payment plans on our invoices. You can afford our credit repair services!


One Time

$175 Credit Analysis (one time fee)

Your credit is unique to you like your fingerprint. We need to understand what has happened in the past and more importantly what you want to achieve. After reviewing and discussing your options with you we put our findings in writing. We deliver a clear, concise and completely customized road map for repairing your credit whether you do it yourself or hire us. The $175 payment is made by you after you receive and approve your Credit Analysis and before we begin work on your behalf.



Deletion Fees (cost per bureau)

We will send you monthly invoices to you for the successful removal of accounts from your credit report. If we are too successful in a month we can set up a payment plan for the invoice.

  • $20     |   Inquiries

  • $20     |   Late Payments

  • $50     |   Collections / Charge-offs

  • $100   |   Auto Repossessions / Default

  • $100   |   Foreclosure / Short Sale / Mortgage

  • $100   |   Bankruptcy



$24.99 Credit Monitoring

We require our  credit monitoring service  as part of your contract. Our 100% money back guarantee is dependent on you maintaining this credit monitoring throughout the process.

We use this credit monitoring service:

  • Provide uniformity in information that is being presented and worked.
  • Ability to effectively monitor your credit
  • The unique information this credit monitoring company provides.
  • We are paid to a commission to refer this product.

5 Ways Xpert Credit Repair is Unique

  • You only pay for results. No monthly fees.

  • We do not dispute with the credit bureaus.

  • All documentation comes to us – not you.

  • We refer to Consumer Credit Attorneys  for violations and debt settlement in less than 30 days.

  • Licensed and bonded since 2005

Why choose Xpert Credit Repair?

Xpert Credit Repair Logo
Law Firm Alternative Credit Repair Alternative
Price We charge a credit analysis fee after it is received. We invoice you for the removed items after they occur. $90 - $149 /month $99 /month Expensive Setup Fee
Dispute Methodology
  • Free personally identifiable information removal
  • Dispute Directly with Creditors and Debt Collectors
  • No disputing with credit bureaus
  • Refer to attorney when violations are found
Dispute directly the credit Bureaus (not on their letter head) Dispute with the creditors if you pay more. Write letters in clients name to the credit bureaus
Client Obligations All documentation comes to us. You do not have to give us your mail You need to give them your mail. You need to give them your mail.
Attorney Referral We refer to clients to a Consumer Credit Attorney (See Who) They may not handle FDCPA / FCRA violations No
Guarantee 100% Money back guarantee of all money paid to us if we do not remove any negative items in 90 days (Guarantee Details) None Money back guarantee
  • Member of National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NACSO)
  • Affiliate Member of National Association of Consumer Credit Attorneys (NACCA)
  • Founding Member Texas Credit Repair Trade Association (TXCRTA)
No Association Affiliation No Association Affiliation