Credit Repair Press Releases

The value of a press release can often be misunderstood especially because of the price usually associated with distribution. The value is building a brand beyond your competitor’s perceived reach. Have you have seen a website or service that advertises “As Seen on” but you do not know the brand? Often the company has issued a press release that appeared on that website. It does not mean a reporter interviewed the company or consumer advocate reviewed the product or service.

So why shouldn’t you be seen on some of the top rated website in the world too?

Press Release Distribution Free to Paid

There are many options when choosing a Press Release distribution website. One consideration when choosing paid vs. free is if there will be an additional Follow tag attribute in your distributed press release. This means that if Google reviews the press release will it follow any links inside the press release to your site. Many of the free and some less costly press release distribution sites do not allow the search engines to follow the links. This means that even if your press release appears on CNN it will not have a boost from the link. Keep in mind this is not the main reason to do a press release but a side benefit if you do receive an SEO boost to your website.

Free Sites Follow Link No No No No No No
Paid Sites Follow Link Pricing On some packages $300+ On some packages $99+ On some packages $300+ On some packages Many Packages On some packages $299

Outside of press release distribution, there are a few other fun resources to promote your service and brand to reporters.

Pitchengine – Pitch to your clients / newsletter subscribers directly and create creative press releases.

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) – Journalist from around the world will post topics that they are seeking an expert to comment on. It is a great way to gain a citing about you in print.

Creating a Press Release

Press releases are intended to be formulaic so that the sender can convey one idea and the reader can glance at it quickly and get the point. The hope is to catch the readers attention so they may want to read more about the free credit repair and you. Hopefully, this will spur a contact by the reader to learn more about you.

The main components to a good press release are:

Headline and Sub-head line – The headline should be sticky and not be more than 18 words including sub-headline.

Dateline – Show them that you are professional by including City, Month, Date, and Year

Attention Grabber – They first sentence should be memorable and support the headline.

Description – This is where you can describe the free credit repair course ( in detail and how it will benefit your clients.

Quotes – Quotes help make the subject real and can extol the benefits of the course. The quote can come from you, loan officers, real estate agents, financial advisors, or clients that took the course.

Call to Action – Insert your lead gen link so people can get to your free credit repair course and gain leads.

About – Let them know about us and you.

Contact – Make it easy for them to contact you for more questions or comments.

Sample Credit Repair Press Release