About Alex Rios

I have been working in the credit repair industry since early 2016. One really cool thing that is so awesome for me to experience is the satisfaction of seeing our clients reach their ultimate end goal after completing our program. People really only look at credit repair when they’re needing to finance something. Being able to help them get their dream home, get the car that they want, or the promotion they deserve makes this job so rewarding!

I am a major geek at heart. In my spare time I love buying old or broken electronics off of eBay and restoring/repairing them. My medicine is everything Apple! Apple computers, iPhones, and iPods.  My intention after repairing them is to sell them BUT I love them so much so I end up keeping them. If you have ever seen Hoarders – it’s like that but Apple stuff. My life goal is to be found dead being crushed by mountains of Apple devises!